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Live the uniqueness of the Cenote, in the extraordinary and mystical Mayan jungle!

Spirituality Riviera Maya takes care of the details that make once-in-a-lifetime experiences possible, always offering enriching spaces to delight our clients. This occasion is no exception, which is why we are proud to be able to offer one of the most extraordinary and mystical places in the world, giving you a glimpse of this experience, so that you can delve into it.

Hidden among the tropical jungle and surrounded by natural beauty, this place appears majestic and captivating in the open and semi-open sky, or from any other angle that is admired. "Dzonot", which means Cenote, comes from the Maya; a sacred place, the result of millennial processes, where the guardians of the Water element dwell.

Since the element of Water is the one that cleanses and purifies, few spaces are as suitable for our ceremonies as the cenotes. They are perfect settings for Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Ceremonies to unite families, Closing circles (divorces or farewell to a loved one), presentations and the Mayan baptism, known as "Hetzmek".

Experience, from a Traditional Mayan Ceremony (officiated in the Mayan language), or a Pre-Hispanic Ceremony, with a mixture of traditions from the center of the country, feathers and enriched in colors; up to a Spiritual Holistic Ceremony, which, even having foundations in these cosmologies, expands further. It does not matter what the occasion is, since each and every one of them will fill your souls and the depths of your hearts with emotions and mysticism.

Live the uniqueness of the Dzonot, in the extraordinary and mystical Mayan jungle!


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