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Our reading follow the starting of the count from our main Mayan community and the officiants Mari and Manuel (San Pedro, going to Holbox Island).

Mayan, culture and tradition

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Mayas, geniuses of Astronomy, realized that they couldn’t measure Time as we try to do it nowadays, but they could see qualities of Time. They discovered that every KIN or Day has a special kind of energy that interact with each one of us.

With Mayan Calendar, through your Birth Date we can determine your mission in Life, how you will be able to overcome obstacles you will find and how you will reach the trascendence of your Soul.

The Mayan Calendar “Tzolkin” has a total of 260 signs (20 Solar Signs and 13 Lunar/Galactic Tones, 13:20 Frequence)

The Tzolkin or Tzolk'in - The count of the days

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