Spiritual Aspects of a Mayan Wedding

In a Mayan Wedding Ceremony we are presenting Bride & Groom to the Four Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air). They will give to the Couple’s Soul, Energy of Harmony and Success in Marriage. Four Elements are so important to us as we have them inside our bodies. Each Element is located in one Cardinal Direction. Fire, East, is our Spirit; Air, North is our Breath; Water, West, is our Blood; Earth, South, is our Body. We always mention as well the Heart of the Sky, or Hunab Ku (center of the Galaxy) and Mother Earth (different from element Earth itself). We ask permission to the Elements and all these Energies before we start the Ceremony, as they were here before us and for our tradition they

The Magic of Mayan Calendar / La Magia del Calendario Maya

Mayas, genius of Astronomy, realized that they couldn’t measure Time as we try to do it nowadays, but they could see qualities of Time. They discovered that every KIN or Day has a special kind of energy that interact with each one of us. Many people of knowledge consider the Calendar as the mayor Cultural Achievement of Mayas, as it is one of the most exact and sophisticated in the World. His accuracy comes from the fact that it is a continue and uninterruptible Count of days (called Kin) starting from Initial Day Zero, August, 13th 3114 a.C. Los antiguos mayas, genios de la astronomía, no medían el tiempo como lo hacemos hoy en día, pero observaron sus cualidades. Descubrieron que cada KIN

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