Cacao Ceremony: Rescuing an Ancestral Mayan Tradition

Cacao was cultivated by Mayas more than 2,500 years ago and it was called “Ku-Ku”. Ku in Mayan Language means Sacred and Ku-Ku “above sacred”. Aztecs learned from Mayas how to cultivate and prepare it, they called Cacao “Cacahuatl” and the bitter drink that they obtained from his fruits “Xocolatl”. This drink was consumed just by Emperor and Nobility and is called Kakaw in Mayan Language that means “Drink of the Gods”. We prepare Cacao through a Special Ancestral Mayan Recipe, that we received from a Mayan Family in Chiapas, a 600 years old Recipe, used in Prehispanic Times (before Spanish Invasion). We work on the Seeds for 7 days, we peel seeds one by one (we need approximately 7 hours and

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