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Wellness Retreat with nutritionist Danette May

We appreciated the opportunity to have been part of the retreat that Danette May held in the Riviera Maya. She is a fitness and nutrition coach, recognized by The Huffingon Post, CBS Los Angeles and Women's Health (just to name a few).

The women who came to the retreat and said yes to the Mayan healing trip are all women with different religious, political and spiritual visions.


We loved sharing our traditions with this wonderful group; they were with us for some beautiful temazcal and cacao healing sessions at the ceremonial center in the middle of nature in Playa del Carmen. 

They left a comment for us that made us feel very grateful:

“The best temazcal and cacao ceremony experience. It felt so genuine, the temazcal was incredible. The cacao ceremony was transcendental. Thank you very much for all you do and for honoring these profound ceremonies.”

We also had the opportunity to share a crystal workshop, its uses and benefits for the body and soul. We were accompanying them at Hotel Etereo, headquarters of this retreat.


We were also able to carry out a personalized interpretation of their Mayan sign, where we discovered together the characteristics of their birth energies, their energetic guardians and protectors and where their destiny is going. The feedback has been excellent, it fills us with happiness to be able to be useful in the healing process of others.


We wish you an excellent integration of these experiences and we hope to see you again soon.



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