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"Dear Friends,

I was finally able to have a post-wedding conversation with Meegan and Ben Friday evening. They were so extremely happy with your services. The words that Ben kept saying, over and over, were 'amazing', 'amazing', 'amazing'. It was such a deeply moving ceremony. I, I KNOW they were blown away by the ceremony. It definitely exceeded their expectations.
I want to thank you so much for your services.  It is my honor to have you in my 'entourage' for future partnering.

It would be my honor and joy to work with you for more weddings in the future, too.
In joy, honor and relief"

- Sandy (Darley Travel) - See more of this wedding


"Words cannot express how truly MAGICAL the recent Maya Wedding Ceremony you helped me coordinate was. Wow. I've done several unique weddings, but nothing as special or spiritual as this. The entire experience was moving and awe inspiring.


I cannot thank you enough for your help, professionalism and attention to detail.


- Kimberly (President


"I can't tell you how thankful I am to have such a wonderful experience. I loved every minute. I have been feeling wonderful and positive, and my skin has never felt good and it is an experience I will always remember.

The agents arrived today and I have been telling them all about it and want to know how they could experience the same when they are in Mexico again. So thank you for this info - I will write about the experience on our website for sure as well as passing to the agents here that want more info on it.

FYI - K. (an Hotel in the Riviera Maya) has said they now have a sweat lodge at the ED, but nothing can compare to this true, authentic Mayan experience you have given me.

Thank you once again.


- Liz Scull (President of Ensemble)


"The experience was great, I think it would be good for all of us to join these activities more often, I felt very revitalized in the temazcal and I loved the Tzolkin calendar reading. I would recommend it to everyone who wishes to live a mystical experience of our ancestral cultures. "


Claudia Alvarez (Director of Weddings Beautiful Worldwide)


"I was invited to experience a Temazcal and the lecture of the Maya Calendar the Tzolkin. First I arrived at this beautiful Hacienda in the middle of nature and you can feel right away the peace and tranquility of the place.


My journey started with a personal reading of the Mayan Calendar  the “Tzolkin” where I discovered according to the day I was born,  who I represent and some of specific tasks that I need to accomplish, it was very interesting.


Afterwards we had the shaman explaining us the temazcal ceremony and its purpose . It was a unique experience and I really enjoyed sharing this activity with our group."

- Sylvie Phelis (Director of Sales 4Worlds Expeditions)


"Just returned home last evening from a wonderful vacation.  We fully enjoyed our experiences we scheduled with you and would do them again in a heartbeat. Both men were very professional and very kind individuals. I was not sure what to expect with the energetic cleanse but I did experience something I cannot explain. Towards the end lying there on the ground with my eyes closed I saw the brightest light you can imagine and then I felt a warm feeling travel across my body then it was gone. The next few nights I had numerous dreams 5 plus per nite all were about people in my life now and in the past.  What a wonderful experience this was and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


I fully recommend your services to anyone and we  hopefully will be back in Mexico soon and would love to experience more."

- Jackie (After Shaman Healing treatment)

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