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Ceremonies cacao video

CACAO HEALING: Every full moon & new moon at 7.30 pm

Private & Group Ceremonies Available on Request.

If you are coming on a special date... Let us know! Upon availability, we could open a new event for you.

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Natural and organic Cacao is completely handmade through a special ancestral recepy, it is very different from the chocolate you buy at stores.

Ceremonial Cacao doesn’t have milk or sugar in it, in order to don’t cut its effects. Try the real pure cacao: it will make you feel happy, peaceful, energetic and thankful for life.


You will drink it during a sensorial meditation, when we will travel through the 4 Elements in our body... a trip through all our senses, accompained by prehispanic and medicine music.

"Earth is my body

Water my blood

Air is my breath

Fire my spirit"

It is very important to set an intention to work on during the Ceremony, Cacao will help us reach our feelings and emotions easily, as it will increase our connection between Heart and Mind (it stimulates the Thymus gland, on top of our Heart, and the Pituitary and Pineal gland in our brain.) It will make easier to feel, think and express the same, in order to better understand our emotions and create easily the reality that we want.


Please dress in light colors ( not black ) , if possible with a long skirt or a skirt to knee for women, avoid eating a few hours before the ceremony , bring a bottle of Water and a cushion if you want to sit more comfortably (optional ).

Avoid alcohol the day before and the day of the Ceremony. You should hydratate yourself very well before and after the Ceremony.

If you use antidepressants, you suffer from diabetes or you have heart problems please let us know. This kind of Cacao is not recommended for kids of less than 8 years.


The Aztecas learned from the Mayan how to grow and prepare it and how to make the drink of the Gods out of it. They used to call it “Cacahuat”; when they extracted the bitter drink from its seeds they called it “Xocolatl”, which is where the name Chocolate comes from. It’s important to mention that it was regarded as a very rare concoction reserved for and only consumed in those times by the Emperor and nobles.



Working in a ceremony with the Spirit of Cacao means having the ability to travel to our inner self and reach our wisdom. This ceremony reconnects you with beauty, sweetness and love that lies within you. Therapeutically it helps you regain your power in relationships and to serve others.



Cacao is a food rich in stimulating principles, giving energy for physical activity and maintaining mental acuity. It eliminates body pain and keeps the skin clear and without impurity.

In Cacao correctly prepared, with our recipe, we find a high level of Teobramine that releases betas- endorphins in our body. These hormones are directly responsible for of a feeling of peace, tranquility, relaxation and joy. It stimulates our kidneys and our central nervous system as well.

Additionally, Cacao contains little quantities of other endorphin-like substances, directly connected to emotional ecstasy; stimulating the pleasure centers and giving a feeling of constant love.


For this reason, science has concluded that chocolate give us a feeling of relaxation and of well being.

It contains natural antioxidants that help avoid heart illness and help prevent degenerative illness, cells aging and even cancer.

It works on our sphenoid bones, an impar bone situated in the middle part of the base of our skull, home of the pituitary gland that is stimulated thanks to the high level of teobramine that is contained in our ceremonial Cacao. This will help open our Third Eye (sixth Chakra).

Requirements attendance at the ceremony include: 3 hours fast, a bottle of water, comfortable clothes and the willingness to open you heart & feel how wonderful life is.

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