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Earth is my body

Water my blood

Air is my breath

Fire my spirit


The sweat lodge, temazcal or inipi is a powerful ancestral therapy of connection with the elements of nature: earth, water, fire and air, that also inhabit within us.

It is one of the most comprehensive integrative holistic therapies that exist, with great benefits at a physiological, emotional and spiritual level. Depending on the geographical area and the traditions of each town, the ways in which the ceremony takes place and the materials with which they are built vary. However, all agree that it is a great natural medicine for the awakening of our CONSCIOUSNESS and for the recovery of ancestral memory.


At the physical level, the Temazcal stimulates the lymphatic system, helps eliminate toxins, as when the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius, the skin becomes a third kidney. The high temperature to which we expose ourselves with the temazcal propitiates the body to sweat, the humidity does not allow the sweat to evaporate, so the self-regulation system of the body (sympathetic and parasympathetic system) responds, (homeostasis) accelerates circulation and we sweat even more, eliminating toxins as much as possible.

In addition, it cleanses the respiratory tract, the digestive system, give tone to the nervous and circulatory system, helps in bone, muscle and gynecological problems.


The temazcal symbolizes the maternal womb, allowing us to recreate the moment of conception and gestation, time of which we keep on occasion, memories that cause us some emotional and psycho-social blockage in our adult life. Reviving this moment allows us to observe, liberate and heal various self-limiting programs or beliefs. It is an excellent way of balancing our emotions and to transport us to a state of peace and inner tranquility quieting the mind.

temazcal (3).jpeg
temazcal (2).jpeg

The high presence of negative ions exerts reactions in the body causing the aura (electromagnetic bio-structuring pattern) to expand, manifesting radiant in all body functions including those of the brain. The aura is the one who directed the construction of the body in which we live and who keeps it functioning, the practice of temazcal therapy allows and enables this auric intelligence to regenerate the body.

Please bring a bathing suit and a towel to dry off. Eat very light on temazcal day, avoid food of animal origin and alcohol in the days prior to this experience. Hydrate very well, always carry water with you.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience this beautiful ceremony and connect with your ancestral memory.

You will be shocked by everything you can discover about yourself!


Natural and organic cacao is completely handmade through a special ancestral recepy, it is very different from the chocolate you buy at stores. Ceremonial cacao doesn’t have milk or sugar in it, in order to don’t cut its effects; it will make you feel happy, peaceful, energetic and thankful for life. You will drink it during a sensorial meditation, when we will travel through the 4 Elements in our body... a trip through all our senses, accompained by prehispanic and medicine music.

temazcal-cacao (1).jpeg
temazcal-cacao (2).jpeg

It is very important to set an intention to work on during the ceremony, cacao will help us reach our feelings and emotions easily, as it will increase our connection between heart and mind (it stimulates the thymus gland, on top of our heart, and the pituitary and pineal gland in our brain.) It will make easier to feel, think and express the same, in order to better understand our emotions and create easily the reality that we want.

temazcal-cacao (4).jpeg
temazcal-cacao (3).jpeg

Please dress in light colors (not black), if possible with a long skirt or a skirt to knee for women, avoid eating a few hours before the ceremony , bring a bottle of water and a cushion if you want to sit more comfortably (optional ). Avoid alcohol the day before and the day of the ceremony. You should hydratate yourself very well before and after the ceremony and observe at least few days of vegan diet for the best benefits. If you use antidepressants, you suffer from diabetes or you have heart problems please let us know. This kind of Cacao is not recommended for kids of less than 8 years.



Sweatlodge / Temazcal: $80usd

Cacao Healing: $80usd

Total experience Temazcal + Cacao Healing: $140 usd

Book your place only with the 50% of the total cost
Booking required

Cancellation policy: 50% deposit not reimbursable,

but it can be applied to another event or individual healing.

(Date of events subject to change according to availability and reservations - The event can be suspended or postponed  in case of rain or if the minimum number of attendees is not reached. In the last case, it will be possible for the client to fill the missing places if they wish to do so for the event to be held or the deposit will be refunded).

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