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Prehispanic mayan wedding ceremony in a stunning cenote.

We were honored to be part of the special day of Anna and Reginald and what meant for them.

They were on holiday here in Riviera Maya, Mexico and Anna called us, as she really wanted to enjoy a mayan wedding ceremony in a stunning cenote she saw in Valladolid.

We arranged everything with the cenote in just 2 days with the help of our local wedding planner in Playa del Carmen! It’s always better to plan it with more time but if we are available we will go the extra mile to be able to share this experience with you!

Our prehispanic team was able to travel and celebrate this mayan marriage ceremony, an ancestral and spiritual union.

You can have a feeling of the day through these amazing pictures by Dimitrii Moody.

We always ask you to share a little bit of your background so we can personalize the ceremony for you.

Anna & Reginald’s love story:

“We met doing business together 3 years ago, and shorlty after started dating my cancer came back… We have been through surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and countless nights in the hospital together.

Unfortunately they just told us that they can’t do anything else for me so we came here to have this ceremony. We have 2 kids each and they have become a close family, we are a very spiritual family. We are very spiritual people and I am of mayan ancestry as my family is from Guatemala... so this was very important for me.. experience was incredible!”

We enjoyed very much to be there with you during this great experience that you will certainly treasure in your hearts.

When doctors give you no more options, if you believe in alternative and plant medicine please contact us, we have mayan healers that were successful when doctors said they couldn’t do anything else. We cannot promise we will heal you but we will certainly try our best with much love.