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An incredible experience to live with your loved one, just you two, a blessing for your path, a spiritual commitment… my spirit honors your spirit.


Ceremony can be shared by a celebrant from mayan or native tradition or a spiritual healer. We can incorporate your beliefs in the ceremony.

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"We staged an elopement with Spirituality Riviera Maya and it was awesome, fun and unforgettable, The wedding ceremony was simple, surprising, filled with symbolism, and profoundly spiritual. The coordinator was prompt, friendly, flexible, and brimming with Mexican hospitality. This was the best wedding I've ever attended. If you want to enjoy your own wedding rather than fuss over petty details, then run away with Spirituality Riviera Maya. We were very happy to start our union this way, reflecting how we want our lives together to evolve."

- Jesus


Magic elopement in mayan lands

Couple experience before the wedding… prepare your spirit for a magic and sacred union.

"It is difficult to put into words the joy and healing that we experienced with Spirituality Riviera Maya. The location was AMAZING, the images were incredible, but in no way is it possible to capture the magic that is felt in this sacred space. The ceremony was simply incredible . Sara, the coordinator, was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, very professional. I highly recommend working with them for an authentic experience. They went beyond anything we could ever imagine possible. "

- Antoinette


For a deeper experience, add a personalized cacao ceremony... get spiritually prepared to open your heart  during your wedding ceremony!

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