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Traditional mayan
marriage union ceremony


Marriage union ceremony (only for heterosexual couples as this is a ritual of fertility).
Ritual of union with two beings that love each other.

The commitment is to love, word and spirit, the witnesses our Mother Nature, the natural elements in order to honor and remember who we are in spirit and matter. In this ritual we ask permission to the heart of the sky and the heart of Mother Earth to carry out the union, we honor our four directions. with copal and incense we heal the place.

The altar as a sacred space, the sound of natural instruments links the world earthly with the heavenly. 

Is it your will to unite your lives under divine laws and according to the uses and customs of the Mayan people?



Wedding ceremony at Hacienda San Pedro Ochil - Merida

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Offerings include Cacao as a Symbol of wealth and well-being at home, corn as a symbol of food for the human body and source of energy.

Pumpkin seeds as a symbol of the awakening of consciousness and intelligence, 

Honey as a symbol of love and sweetness at home. 
Salt is a symbol to maintain balance at home. 
Sacred fire: The light of the candles symbolizes the wisdom of Yuum Hunab Ku, the Energy and the light of the path. 

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"It was a very very special day. Amazing experience. I highly recommend everyone to give themselves the opportunity to live this experience, one day in their lives.

Thank you!"

Ricardo & Ludmila


“The ceremony was much more than we could have ever imagined.
The magic of the cenote, the simultaneous strength and lightness of the ceremonialist Mary and the work of the cameraman and photographer Dimitri, were simply


Fabio & Giovanna


Toj'olba Nip'oolal
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