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Prehispanic Mayan Wedding in Playa del Carmen

The tropical colors of the Caribbean Sea in the Riviera Maya were the inspiration for this wedding of Coral & Andreas.

The ocean, the jungly style, and the good vibes were part of this beautiful celebration!

"Our wedding day was the most amazing of our lives. Thanks to you everything turned out as we planned and it was exactly as I imagined: the connection with nature and the elements brought us to a spiritual and more emotional level"

We knew we wanted something unique, and of course an ancient ceremony was an unforgettable and amazing option.




What I least expected was rain that day, and at first I worried a lot since it would not be the beach wedding I had in mind and had to improvise but in the end I loved that it was more intimate the moment of the ceremony under the small palapa overlooking the sea and that the water droplets fell between the plants that looked like light crystals.

The most amazing thing was that halfway through the ceremony a small hummingbird flew over our heads and it stopped raining and a beautiful rainbow came out and all the seedlings looked green and super colorful!

The feeling of having our loved ones coming from different places of the world surrounding us was a great experience while we commemorate our love in this incredible ceremony!








Through the Mayan ceremony, the rain, the rainbow, the sea, sand, sun and natural vegetation I felt that the elements were giving us their blessings and at that moment I knew that everything happened as it had to happen. It was Perfect!

We celebrated all night with our family and now we are so happy as we knew we are waiting for our biggest blessing that soon will be will us!

Coral & Andreas


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