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Our officiants are a very vital part of our ceremonies, this is the reason why we have decided to present them to you so you have an idea of who they really are.





Manuel is already considered a Mayan Elder, he was born in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula, his parents were dedicated to the healing of the body through massages, they were corn farmers and studied herbs of the Mayan region; his grandparents were engaged to the ceremonial practices, therefore they had a wide knowledge of the different aspects, uses and ceremonial customs as well as extensive knowledge in their offerings and prayers. Manuel devotes himself to share mayan worldview and cosmogony, learned in the "Chilam Balam" and the "Popol Vuh" sacred Mayan books, besides dedicating his life to promote the Mayan culture and tradition to the current generations. He works as farmer, he has a lot knowledge of healthy nutrition, additionally professionally educated in the specialty of accounting, among other knowledge has devoted his life to the "eco technology" and its promotion.


Descendant Maya Itza (Descendant of the priestly line of Chichen Izta), guardian of ceremonial customs and traditions, healer, spiritual guide. Custody of the ceremonial center "Cobá", founder of the council of Pueblos Mayas A.C. Works as Radio announcer, TV actress and international cinema in Mayan language.




Prehispanic dancer since he was 11 (conchero tradition: Mesa de la Virgen de la Soledad of General Felipe Aranda Hernandez). He participates and guides ceremonies and cultural meetings in different states of Mexico, sharing rituals as temazcal and sharing with the kids the magic about our dances.


Born in Veracruz México of Totonacas roots, lover of the Mexican culture and its traditions, enthusiastic participant of the different traditional dances that are carried out annually throughout the Mexican Republic. Lucy has participated in innumerable Mayan ceremonies as well as traditional dance events of great magnitude. Sahumadora (Lady with sacred Incense) and traditional Prehispanic Dancer. Lucy assist Jorge and Xochitl in the Mayan Prehispanic Ceremony.



Medicine Woman, IX MOOL in Mayan Tradition,

with more than 52 years on the road to Healing.

Elder Aida giving training for cacao ceremonies to all the team.



Jorge was raised and educated by his grandfather and elder of the mayan community of Kancabchén, Yucatán. He was taught by his grandfather since he was a child, he learned how to identify the plants and their use in medicine and healing. Also his grandfather taught him in the jungle how to pray and how prepare offerings, in order to have a good harvest season, he was taught about the guardians of the jungle (aluxes), the cardinal directions, different Spirits of Nature and the respect and offerings that the community should prepare in order to have an excellent harvest and to develop well in all aspects as a community. Raised in a Mayan community without TV or internet. Mayan spoken and prehispanic traditional dancer.


Originally from northern Mexico, she shares traditional and holointegrative therapies. She is a radio speaker promoting culture and tradition. She is passionate about raising awareness and empowering women. Visionary of the mountain, carrier of sacred pipe, runner of temazcals, circles of women, ceremonies with tobacco and therapist. 13 years ago she is still learning from the wise Mayan elders.


Mayan lineage, she comes from near Coba.


To each group we can add the number of prehispanic musicians and

sahumadoras (women with sacred incense) that you require for your ceremony.


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