Women's retreat - OPEN UP TO LIFE

February 3rd to 6th 2022

Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, México

Stop looking for love outside and find it in yourself. Rediscover the compassionate flow in the heart of our relationships in an ideal space to enhance self-love, connect with our essence, expand our consciousness. An opportunity to heal and recognize the diverse women in you following your path to freedom.

- Connect with your own nature within the Mayan jungle.

- Turn off the mind.

- Heal your lineage.

- Open your heart and free yourself.

- Balance your being.

- Recognize your essence.

- Hug the beautiful and wise woman that you are.

- Connect deeply with nature, outside and inside.



RE-CONNECT. Introspection practices, identification of patterns and limiting beliefs.

HEAL. Individual and group activities to respectfully embrace our essence, to carry out healing processes from a loving place free of judgment.

CREATE. Reflections and active meditations to visualize and create your new reality, recognizing the beauty that inhabits in you.

CELEBRATE. Gratitude and awakening of the ancestral feminine energy that inhabits you, from compassion, commitment, sisterhood, personal power and love.