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CLOSING CYCLE – Accompanying a great soul to light

Roy and I met in 2016 on the dance floor as an intriduction from our close friends. We had both been married and divorced before and were not looking for a relationship - but things were different and we both knew it. We took it slow and dated for a few months until we decided to commit to each other. He was a genuine soul that always helped anyone and everyone. Bilingual in english and Spanish. A IT systems engineer and a top national presenter for Microsoft in both languages.

He was a restorer of latin music for many musicians like El gran combo, Tito puente, etc. He had a latin international radio show with a huge following all over the world. At his funeral service in Sept 2019 people came from Russia, France, Iceland and from all over the united states.

He treated me as no man had ever treated me in my life and I am grateful that he showed my two sons how a woman is too be treated and what a real father is supposed to be.

There was nothing he wouldn't do for my sons, my mother, my family and friends.

He was alone when I met him as both his parents had passed and his two older brothers had committed suicide. He buried his entire family between 1994 to 1997.

Everyone he knew told me that since he met me he became such a happy rejuvenated person and looked 20 years younger.

He had interstitial lung disease and it was advanced. Once he had a major respiratory episode on 8/20/2019 and entered the hospital he was put on a ventilator on 8/25/2019 and passed on 9/5/19. I never left his side and he died while I lay next to him in the hospital bed with my head on his chest listening to his heart until the last beat.

We loved to salsa dance anywhere and everywhere. He was called El bailarin. We traveled a lot and he proposed on 3/18/18 at the Haleakala Summit in Maui , Hawaii - 10000 feet above the clouds at the sacred house of the sun national park.

He was proud of us and made sure everyone knew of us as a couple.

We had set our wedding day for 8/21/21 and were both in love with the idea of a Mayan ceremony. As we are both very spiritual and in touch with our departed loved ones and ancestors. He is of Puerto rican descent as I am. My maternal grandmother was a full pledged Taino indian in Puerto Rico. We were both born and raised in New York City and knew a lot of the same people but had never met before.

He told me in the hospital- I am so sorry we met so late in life. You will be my last and eternal love.

We were both so much alike and loved talking about our work in technology and most and for most our love for our latin culture, music and dance. I have been asked to continue his legacy on the radio with his massive collection of recordings.

Elizabeth Nieves

This ceremony took place on the date they had to marry and it was an honor for us to lead this important ceremony. RIP.

Elizabeth comment: Thank you for honoring the soul of my beloved on what was to be our wedding day. The ceremony was magical and his presence was so evident. In the name of love for the soul of Roy Lopez. Thank you.

Photography: Dimitrii Moody



ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Story!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! My condolences....Prayers to you & your family! Rest in Pradise!

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