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Quantum Scio

The SCIO equipement is an innovative system that helps us to improve our health, is an efficient and complete tool of analysis and therapy that applies the new technologies of Bioenergetic Medicine. But what does SCIO mean? The name has double meaning "Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system" reads "SCIO" for the english acronys but pronounces "skio", other meaning comes from the Latin scio, "I know".

Where does this system of therapy come from?

Several decades ago, biofeedback was designed, which was nothing more than a scanner to identify imbalances in the organism at the molecular level. Later the mathematician William Charles Nelson, who developed technology for NASA, found in this system a way to cure the diseases of his family.

How does the SCIO system work?

The system is based on the measurement of quantum energy and works under the principles of bioenergetic medicine. The cells of every living being are composed of atoms, each atom contains a nucleus with electrons in orbit. Electrons contain elementary particles known as Leptons, Quarks, Photons, Bosons, and Gluones. The SCIO system works with these particles or quanta (unit of energy), reaching the deepest of our organism; Can detect energy imbalances more accurately and early, even before symptoms develop. It does not diagnose clinical diseases but rather detects imbalances in subtle energy, better known as stress, and helps to restore balance without invasive procedures and without side effects.


  • Helps balance the body through bioresonance and electromagnetic therapies

  • Drainage and Homotoxicology

  • Locate allergies and desensitize them

  • Check and treatment of food intolerances

  • Locate viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites, etc. And treat them with RIFE wave pack resonance frequencies

  • Helps to improve any state of health

  • Helps to regulate the immune system

  • Helps to detoxify the cells of harmful substances

  • Helps to reduce stress

Stress reduction strengthens the immune system Therefore it is recommended for:

  • Balancing emotions: self-esteem, negativity, phobias, depression. Stress, Hormone system

  • Organs, Memory retention, goal setting, discipline, Vitality, Correcting learning problems: attention deficit, language, concentration and diction

  • Addictions, relieving migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, circulatory problems, Allergies

  • Examines and works on nutrition and digestion, indicating electromagnetic imbalances at the vitamin, enzymatic, hormonal, etc ... level.

  • Side effects of chemotherapy, menopause discomfort, muscle and vertebral injuries

  • Insomnia, sleep quality, decreased snoring

  • Helps the sports performance

  • Beauty Therapies

Reserve your therapy and get to understand your energetic levels. We can complement it with different healings:

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