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The Magic of Mayan Calendar

Mayas, genius of Astronomy, realized that they couldn’t measure Time as we try to do it nowadays, but they could see qualities of Time. They discovered that every KIN or Day has a special kind of energy that interact with each one of us.

Many people of knowledge consider the Calendar as the mayor Cultural Achievement of Mayas, as it is one of the most exact and sophisticated in the World. His accuracy comes from the fact that it is a continue and uninterruptible Count of days (called Kin) starting from Initial Day Zero, August, 13th 3114 a.C.

Mayas used around 20 Calendars at the same time, today we are talking about Tzolkin or sacred calendar, that was used by Mayan Priests in order to regulate ceremonies, honor the Gods, predict the role of each individual in Nature and align us with the Universe.There are even more accurate Mayan Calendars than this one, but Tzolkin in our opinion is the easiest to understand.

It’s important to say that what we share is the interpretation we believe more in, but there are many of them.

Different communities have different calendars... it’s a journey of self discovery as well.

Knowing your sign will help you understand your energy and the way you interact with others.

With Mayan Calendar, through your Birth Date we can determine your mission in Life,how you will be able to overcome obstacles you will find and how to reach the transcendence of your Soul. The Mayan Calendar "Tzolkin" has a total of 260 signs (20 Solar Signs and 13 Galactic Tones, 13:20 Frequence), instead of the 12 Signs of Regular Calendar that we all know, therefore accuracy in determining characteristic of people is much more specific. On the Day of Birth (Kin), Mayas already knew why that child was born and which were his qualities, personality, abilities, mission and spiritual gifts. So Kin is a symbol that influences all your existence and is as well a protection, once you know it. Becoming familiar with your Oracle of Birth allows you to know yourself better, while you open up to a path filled with amazing opportunities of self-discovery and unfoldment of your true potential. ‘Energy flows where Attention goes‘… Once you become aware of your own energy and potential, you will be living in the present moment and start experiencing increasing synchronicities and magic in your life!

We provide an individual Reading of Mayan Calendar, where we will reveal your KIN and your Wavespell (the map of your Life energy in 13 steps). A Wavespell is a sequence of 13 Lunar Tones starting with the Magnetic Tone and ending with Cosmic Tone. In spite of modern superstition, 13 is a sacred number! • Our body has 13 joints, the physical expression of movement • There are 13 moons within a solar cycle or year • Each Season has 13 weeks

It is a great gift for your family and friends, or a gift for all your wedding/event group that you've invited to Riviera Maya. They will be happy to bring home something related to Mayan Culture. Our Mayan Calendar experts can come to your event to offer an even more deeper Reading. For weddings we have a special Oracle Reading, including mission of Bride & Groom together, dominant energy on the Wedding Day, what they will reach together. Discover your KIN today! We will just need your complete Name and Date of Birth.

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