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Spiritual Aspects of a Mayan Wedding

In a Mayan Wedding Ceremony we are presenting Bride & Groom to the Four Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air). They will give to the Couple’s Soul, Energy of Harmony and Success in Marriage.

Four Elements are so important to us as we have them inside our bodies. Each Element is located in one Cardinal Direction. Fire, East, is our Spirit; Air, North is our Breath; Water, West, is our Blood; Earth, South, is our Body. We always mention as well the Heart of the Sky, or Hunab Ku (center of the Galaxy) and Mother Earth (different from element Earth itself). We ask permission to the Elements and all these Energies before we start the Ceremony, as they were here before us and for our tradition they are alive and they listen to everything is said and done from human beings.

So we actually “open” directions, that means asking all these elements to be present and focusing all their energy to the center, where Bride & Groom will be and to connect Energy and Happiness of Nature for their path.

The Shaman leading the Ceremony is somebody that can see and talk with these Energies and Elements; in a Mayan Wedding is mandatory to pray in Mayan language, in our weddings translation is included in most common languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, German.

We use Copal, an incense that comes from a sacred tree of Mexico, and burn it in what we call “Copalera” or “Sahumerio”. Copal is used to clean bad thoughts and energies and remove them from the Aura of Bride & Groom and from the Wedding Guests. Our Sahumadora (Woman that use Copalera to Clean Aura) can accompain Bride & Groom to the Altar, meaning that she is cleaning all the ways and directions for them in order just for good thoughts and great vibe to come into this wedding.

In our Altar, we offer to Nature and the Elements, what is most important to us: Corn Beans, Cacao Beans (not Cocoa as that is processed Cacao and not natural one), Flowers, Fruits; everything that our Mother Earth gives us without asking anything in return.

We will talk about Spiritual Aspects of a Marriage and Bride & Groom will at the End offer to the Water Element (Ocean or Cenote) Seeds and Flower Petals that represents the Union of their Waters through Alchemy. Why? Petals represent secret language of Love.

We always suggest to have a personalized Healing and Aura Cleansing with our Shaman the day before the Wedding. Aura is the Energy Field that we have around our Body, where bad thoughts from other people can get stuck. Our Healing consists as well in reconnecting nervous system correctly and to actívate happiness in the couple.

This is so important because these are Spiritual Basis that Bride & Groom will need for all their Life together, that according to Mayas will be reflected until the Nine Heavens; that’s why Love and Mayan Weddings are a great experience; witnesses are not just humans, but are all alive beings that surround Bride & Groom in that very moment. Wedding is based not only on Words but on Feelings; they will experience a real glance, a real caress, blessed by Mayan Gods and Mother Earth.


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Suggested Spiritual Book for Spiritual Seekers (Beginners): “The Power of Now” Eckhart Tolle

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