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Spiritual Union at Mayan Ruins

Naureen & Andy, the perfect couple and great location in Belize.

We have been publised in a world-class magazine that focuses on destination weddings, honeymoons and romantic travel. Known as Destination I Do.

Thanks to this wedding, Destination I Do look at Mexican talent and culture and what better that an authentic celebration in the sacred mayan area.

Do you have any special advice you would like to share with our readers to help prepare them for their day?

"Definitely go with the flow. That’s the exhilarating fun part of having a destination wedding, outside of your comfort zone! Why be normal?"

How/why did you choose the location/destination?

We love the jungle, animals, warmth, and deeply spiritual nature at these ancient ruins. We had visited Mayan ruins in the past, and fell in love with the awe, grandeur, and calming effect they had on us. We also desired beautiful spiritual singing, instruments and dance, with ceremonial native scents of Copal, and Palo Santo.

The Shamanic team @spiritualityrivieramaya brougth their A game for sure! Many guests told me this was the best and most beautiful wedding, they have ever been to.

In San José Succotz at west Belize, it´s found the ancient and impotent maya town Xunantunich, where the spectacular Mayan ceremony took place.

This ceremony starts when they will announce the couple to let the elements and nature guardians - earth, water, wind and fire -, the Mother Earth and the heart of the Sky know about your commitment.




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