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MAYAN WORLD live the experience: Dignifying Mayan and Ancestral Culture and Tradition

Mayan World Live the Experience is born with the intention of dignifying Mayan and Prehispanic culture and tradition, while contributing to the awakening of consciousness of everyone who will have the pleasure of attending this experience.

Legends say that Aluxes are Spirits of Nature, it is necessary to ask permission and / or leave an offering that symbolizes our respect for them, every time we approach a Cave, the Jungle.

The evening begins in this amazing location, in front of an altar decorated with elements of Nature, a welcome ceremony of permission will take place, dedicated to the Aluxes and guardians of the cave, guided by our X-Men Maya (the on that communicates between the two dimensions).

You will enjoy Dance for Mother Earth, held by four women who represent the forces and energies that hold this planet; Dance of the Eagles, the closest animal to the Creator; Fire Dance, in order to recognize the presence of Huehueteotl, the Spirit of Fire, who was present at the beginning and will see the end.

We will first discover the Mayan Underworld, Xibalba, where Death will explain us what happen to the Spirit in the other dimension, then the Upperworld, where Ixchel, Goddess of fertility and abundance, will explain some rules of our planet, among them that the 4 elements regulate us:

Earth is my Body, Water my blood, Air my Breath and Fire my Spirit.

We offer to the public an experiential clarification of Mayan and pre-Hispanic culture and tradition, with acrobatic performances, connected by a spiritual intention and respect for nature. The aim is to invite each one of us, through Mayan Ancestral knowledge, to observe ourselves and to change wrong attitudes and behaviors, in order to improve every day. During the Show, the magic of acrobats accompanies us: from the incredible performance of the contortionist representing a Spirit in pain being released to the Light, to the rings and swings, representing the infinite Dance of Life and Death or the clever connection and balance between feminine and masculine energies.

For the first time on stage, an experience that will make your heart beat at the same rhythm of Mother Earth and you will remember for a lifetime.

Ah Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

(May the peace of Nature and the Cosmos be in all and each one of us)