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Cacao Ceremony: Rescuing an Ancestral Mayan Tradition

Cacao was cultivated by Mayas. Aztecs learned from Mayas how to cultivate and prepare it, they called Cacao “Cacahuatl” and the bitter drink that they obtained from his fruits “Xocolatl”. This drink was consumed just by Emperor and Nobility.

We prepare Cacao through a Special Ancestral Mayan Recipe.

During Ceremony, we will explain how natural Cacao is disappearing leaving space to industrial Cocoa, that most of the time is the only kind of Cacao that people know. Cacao prepared with this Ancestral Mayan Recepy is a Medicine for us.

Medicinal Cacao is useful for many things but first of all to avoid Depression and Sadness - when you drink Cacao you will be happy and thankful for Life.

Ceremony is accompanied by ancestral prehispanic instruments (all made of Natural Elements, we play them without electricity and live) and medicine Songs (these songs talk about the 4 Elements in Nature and the Raising of Consciousness and will actívate more the Effect of Cacao: you will feel happy and relaxed).

Cacao contains endorphinic substances that will give you an immediate pleasurable reaction:

- Theobramine: which produces beta-endorphines. These hormones are directly responsible for the feelings of calm , relaxation and happiness;

- Tryptophan: produces serotonin (linked to emotional ecstasy);

- Phenylethylamine: stimulates the pleasure centers;

- Anandamine: Neurotransmitter that maintain the above effects for longer.

Cacao stimulates our Pituitary gland, that is located in our sphenoid bone in our Brain; it is the principal gland of the body, as it rules many activities of the Endocrine Glands, which secrete substances called hormones that regulate body functions. Pituitary gland will be stimulated due to high content of Theobramine that contains Ceremonial and Medicinal Cacao.


1) Serotonin: Cacao consumption induces the production in the brain of a substance called tryptophan linked to serotonin. This hormone is directly responsible to create sensations of tranquility and happiness.

2) Magnesium: Cacao is rich in magnesium. The lack of this mineral has been linked by experts with the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. Therefore, many women say the "chocolate" helps improve your mood, especially in the pre-menstrual period or when they are depressed.

3) Theobramine: Cacao contains theobramine, an alkaloid which has direct effects on the body. In particular, it acts as a diuretic and stimulates the renal system. It has a stimulating effect of the central nervous system.

4) Carbohydrates and fats: Cacao contains fats that cause after eating a pleasurable sensation of satiety. Carbohydrates in Cacao start various chemical processes after the amount of oxygen reaching the brain increases, which results in greater mental fluency.

5) Anandamide: Cacao contains a chemical compound called anandamide that activates certain brain receptors. Therefore, scientists concluded that Cacao made in larger quantities induces a pleasant wellness feeling. Ceremonial Cacao contains at least 90% of these substances than Cocoa you will buy in stores.

6) Polyphenols: Cacao contains natural antioxidants, phenolic compounds, suitable mainly for protection against heart disease. Usually present in plant foods, polyphenols also help prevent degenerative diseases, aging and even cancer cells. In a cup of Cacao you can find up to 100 mg of polyphenol antioxidants.

Did you know?

In Spirituality Riviera Maya Logo there is a Cacao Bean, inside the Flower of Life.

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