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Heal your spirit in Oaxaca

Looking for new healing experiences we've ended up this summer in Oaxaca and we are glad for this great discovery! Healing experiences out of this world and very nice tradicional zapotec ceremonies (from this area). We will offer soon a complete program in Oaxaca and surroundings.


Individual temazcal experience with special herbs, healing massages that will put everything back in place, overnight ceremonies, ancestral weddings and locations for wellness and spiritual retreats.

Heal your soul in Oaxaca :)

One of the parts of the prehispanic wedding we like the most, is the ceremony of union with the shawl. Women use it to protect from cold and to carry their children, so in the ceremony we will unite the couple in the same shawl and then pass around them the sacred incense Copal. This will simbolize the blessings and the protection for their path together, in order to keep the relationship warm and take care of their family.



Thankful to

"Conectando en Oaxaca"



Blessings and thank you... en Maya