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Ceremonial centers

The ceremonial centers have a specific function. The habitants usually frequented the ceremonial centers of their surroundings as part of their spirituality, to maintain the harmony and balance of the individual-family-community space.

All ceremonial centers are the complement of an energy network that interconnects to Mother Earth. Just as the blood runs through the veins and arteries, in that way; interconnection and energy, interconnects and flows from all ceremonial centers. Those who manage the sacred concept of what Ceremonial Centers mean, know that they are important spaces for balance and universal harmony. That is why all those who attend these spaces have an obligation to respect and care for them because it is part of the reunion with life.

Cacao Ceremony's Altar and offering

Everything inside and around the ceremonial centers is part of the fluidity of the energy that sustains us. That constant circulation or synchronized movement is the force of life that exists in all its manifestations. We are all formed of energy and everyone can influence their environment by being connected to the "whole". Regardless of the distance we are separated.

The points or centers of energy, are sacred spaces and places of personal reunion with the elements of which we are formed. That is why the ceremonial centers are within a very special space always surrounded by all kinds of natural elements, evoking the creation elements, for example they are found in rivers, lakes, ravines, water springs, caves, lagoons, hills, plains, volcanoes, etc.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the administration of the archaeological site of Tikal that allowed us to show our respects in the month of March through an offering at this Ceremonial Center.

National Park Museum Tikal

Glass of cacao drinking used by the Mayan Emperor

National Park Museum Tikal

The proof that Mayans used to drink ceremonial cacao



Spirituality Riviera Maya had the pleasure of carrying out a Mayan - Prehispanic ceremony at the archaeological site of Xunantunich, an excellent location for a beautiful and significant spiritual ceremony. Make your dream come true! Contact us for more information about Mayan ceremonies, prehispanic tradition.