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Wellness Retreat / Retiro de Bienestar

Take a break from the stress of life and negative energies, start healing your body and mind, join us in this magical journey to physical and mental wellness.

Is it time to enjoy a wellness retreat? Is it time to receive an healing when you feel lost, you need answers, you are not sure about what to do in your life, you are ill and you wish to know why, in order to feel better... or you simply wish to relax and get regenerated.

Join us to this life changing experience, during this retreat we will help you connecting with yourself and your soul, through different techniques and ceremonies of the Mayan and Mexican Prehispanic culture and tradition.

We offer a 3 or 5 Night Full Moon Spiritual Retreat. Guests participate in powerful ancient Mayan healing ceremonies, from individual energy healing sessions to a group Temazcal, designed to not only re-balance the spirit, but also dissolve negative thoughts and emotions that impede the achievement of goals.

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We offer our guests the opportunity to create their own retreat, exactly how they'd like!

Select from our yoga, massage, different kind of healings, fitness, and meals to create a package perfect for you!

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