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October 22, 2013


Here we go with the first post regarding a tour that has been made recently, at the end of September 2013.

Raffaele took the tour along with her sister, Emy and her daughter Monica, who has down syndrome and neurofibromatosis. The tour was mainly done to try to find a solution to Monica’s problems. They have been touring around central Mexico for 15 days, accompanied by the founder of Spirituality Riviera Maya, Sara Gasparotto.

Here is his testimonial.

It took me a while but I finally decided to do it, what? a small review of the trip I made in Mexico … everything starts from one day of last year when I picked up a book that my sister gave me about 3 years ago.

The title of this book is “Horse Boy “, about an autistic child that his father had decided to heal by shamans around Mongolia .. I tell you about this episode because I’ve started to desire to make a similar trip … and here we are today meeting with Sara and especially Mexico, both of them unknown to me .. the danger for those who is not a writer is that you emphasize or resize a story, I would try to be more objective and I can say that for me it was the best holiday of my life. I also point out that until August 16 I met Sara only twice, so this added the incognita of the unknown person .

My trip to Mexico with my sister and my niece started with a small series of question marks. The truth is that upon the day of our arrival the presence of Sara and Mexico were already entering inside me. After spending the first night in Mexico City , I met Guadalupe ( shaman ) and his son Hannibal, elementary school teacher that talked to me like no other on the history of the Maya and Aztec site of Teotihuacan. Then we headed to Amatlan to live an experience of 3 days in Tipies , India type of tents , in the middle of very little civilization where the energy could almost be touched; I repeat, I do not want to enphazise the adventure, but believe me this place is really (or at least it was for me ) magical ! ! where among other things we met of Alejandro ( shaman ) who shared with ​​us some rituals …….. wonderful !

After these three days we headed out to Tepic to meet Don Pedro and Don Presiliano … extraordinary shamans ! deliberately I don’t want to write much about the rituals and ceremonies because I think that the feelings are really subjective; to me they were all extremely beautiful ! Not to mention the places I’ve seen there …. I would like to be believed on the word ( as well as on the rest to be honest ). They were spectacular .. I do not want to be boring , I will skip talking about incredible people that I met and the landscapes of this incredible trip .

Returning to Mexico City we stopped in Guadalajara to meet Karmina , another surprising shaman . She honored us with her rituals and her beautiful family. Upon returning to Mexico City we were hosted by Daniel Dany Gaby that gave us unsurpassed and intimate moments; there I did for the first time the sweat lodge with Veronica . for me ….. unbelievable !

A few days later we returned to Italy and I can only tell you that I really miss Mexico and all that wonderful atmosphere… At this point, however, I had already known Sara and I can say that for me she is pure light .. finally, I would also say that while I was there I expressed my desire and my intentions… that are nothing more than trying to bring more people to know places and people that can lead anyone to faster spiritual emancipation ..

So , a really huge thanks to you Sara and all those people that you allowed me to know and love ! I think that the wonderful result of this trip is due to the fact that I approached these situations with my heart completely open, so I tell to whom is willing to take a trip with Sara, let yourself be guided by her wonderful and inexhaustible energy .. I love you Sara . Now I just wait the realization of my dreams. Lele .”

Thanks Lele for your testimonial, this is what gives us the will to continue doing what we are doing.

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